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Romanian Design Week 2020 talks about CHANGE

Article / 17 Feb 2020 / The Institute
  • Romanian Design Week 2020 talks about CHANGE Romanian Design Week
  • Romanian Design Week 2020 talks about CHANGE Romanian Design Week
  • Romanian Design Week 2020 talks about CHANGE Romanian Design Week
  • Romanian Design Week 2020 talks about CHANGE Romanian Design Week
  • Romanian Design Week 2020 talks about CHANGE Romanian Design Week
  • Romanian Design Week 2020 talks about CHANGE Romanian Design Week
  • Romanian Design Week 2020 talks about CHANGE Romanian Design Week
  • Romanian Design Week 2020 talks about CHANGE Romanian Design Week
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The 8th edition of Romanian Design Week will take place between 15th-24th of May in Bucharest. Starting with 2020, Romanian Design Week will present a new festival architecture, therefore each year the event will approach a new theme that will contour the entire event. The theme for 2020 is CHANGE.

Following the chosen concept, Romanian Design Week 2020 will investigate the processes and contexts that generate change, to question the role of designers in a circular economy and present innovative projects, materials and processes, but also the most relevant examples of experimental, conceptual and inclusive design. Having the certainty that creativity is the most important tool for change, the aim is to highlight how sustainability can play an important role for a better future.

The main exhibition of the festival will present projects selected by the Romanian Design Week team following the chosen theme.

The exhibition will encourage visitors to explore all the layers of sustainability, from the importance of rational use of natural resources and the conservation of the intangible heritage through their integration in the processes involved in contemporary design, to conceptual products and experimental projects that bring into discussion the relationship between innovation and future, projects that focus on recycling or sustainable production.

Furthermore, the exhibition will also include examples of micro-interventions of community urbanism and social design that helped transform cities, neighborhoods and communities.

Besides the known formats, such as connected events and the main exhibition, the festival will have new formats such as Professionals, Young Showcase, Design Flags, Kids love design, Design Market.

The call for connected events was launched this month. You can submit your proposal here after reading the guide and regulations. The event must be based in Bucharest.

Design Flags, a new format that will combine international design exhibitions, aims to encourage the exchange between Romanian and international markets and have a contribution in developing the local creative industry in a global context.

The 2020 edition is also proposing a format dedicated to kids and their parents – Kids love design. This format will include activities, workshops and special events dedicated to kids, a playground and a fair with products design for the young public.

RDW Professionals is a format dedicated to the design industry and its professionals. It represents the right context for meetings between designers, business people, companies and communities that are highly interested in design, but also serves as an incubator for collaborations between various domains. It also brings a series of movies and documentaries about architecture and design, in order to get the large public closer to these domains and the areas where they have a notable impact.

In addition, Romanian Design Week 2020 will celebrate the creative communities and hubs, proposing special design routes through various neighborhoods in Bucharest, and will also revive a former format, Architecture Night In, which offers the possibility to visit your favorite architecture studios and to attend the coolest parties in the city.
2020 will also bring the biggest Design Market we have ever had, that will gather carefully curated design objects and a series of micro-shops of Romanian and international brands.

Thematic parties and various contexts for networking will not be missing this year.

RDW 2020 aims to highlight themes like recycling or social responsibility, but also to investigate the projects that have the potential to change and define the local market for contemporary design.

Romanian Design Week became the most important multidisciplinary event in Romania, a radiography of the current stage of both design and local creative industries improvement: architecture, urbanism, interior design, graphic design, illustration, fashion, product design and another initiatives or projects that uses creativity as the main tool of growth. A project by The Institute, Romanian Design Week is an annual festival that promotes design as a pad for cultural, social and economic growth. It is the first project entirely dedicated to design, that addresses the public and also the professionals. Each year, Romanian Design Week marks off a map of the events and spaces that promote the design industry.