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UniCredit Design Trail at Romanian Design Week 2016

News / 12 Mai 2016 / RDW team
  • UniCredit Design Trail at Romanian Design Week 2016
  • UniCredit Design Trail at Romanian Design Week 2016
Supporter of Romanian Design Week (RDW) since 2013, UniCredit Bank proposes in this year's edition a special circuit that includes Diploma Selected exhibitions, Romanian Design Week Classics, INSTALART / OBJECT / 004 Assamblage / Project: Found.Lost.Found and the nights of the Creative Industries.

"This is the fourth consecutive year since UniCredit Bank supports Romanian Design Week and is one of the closest projects  to our brand's DNA. We are the bank of the creative industries for some years. We support Romanian Design Week because we strongly believe in the consistency  thinking and doing things on long term and not to expect results overnight.

And this is one of the messages that we want to give to the creative community: that is essential to have talent, but is not enough; you need patience, confidence and working to turn your talent into a real story of success.

You need also a bank. For this reasons, we want to be a bridge between the world of business and the creative industries, to promote the authentic stories, the people behind them and with them, we want to develop a sustainable market of romanian design"
 says Anca Nuţă, First VP, Identity and Communication Director UniCredit Bank Romania.

Diploma Selected
is an exhibition that brings to the fore the artistic dialogue between 12 professionals from the creative industries and 12 recent graduates of the vocational universities. Starting from the premise that the thesis is the most elaborate project of a student from throughout the university.

The Institute, with the support of UniCredit Bank, brings the projects of the graduates in the attention of a wider public , focusing on "together" and the artistic dialogue. The exhibition will be hosted from 21st to 29th of may by Filipescu-Cesianu House (Lapidarium Hall), part of Bucharest Municipality Museum.
Address: Calea Victoriei 151 / Exhibition program May 22 to 29 / 12:00-20:00.

Romanian Design Week Classics
exhibition, which will take place at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest between 25th of May and 8th of July, brings together projects created by four designers for the four editions RDW which development of techniques and their style over the years.

For example, Dragos Motica, which considers himself an optimistic person and which thinks that "he can and must generate progress" was awarded in 2015 with Gold by A’Design Award for the lamp entitled "/" and a few other times by the Romanian Furniture Manufacturers Association for some projects.

The architecture is represented by Atelier Mass, an initiative that appeared from the conviction that "a good communication with other areas is needed for a good level of the solutions", say the architects from Atelier Mass, while Paul Dersidan that gave up the advertising activity to study combinations of analog and digital techniques in the construction of fonts, stamps and comics, packaging, illustration, collage and painting, represents the graphic design category.

The fashion designer Ioana Ciolacu is the fourth participant of "Romanian Design Week Classics". Graduate of architecture at the University of Architecture and Urbanism and of the Bucharest National University of Arts, Ioana explores the relationship between the static nature of buildings and the fluid structure for the clothes, making her brand a creative force of pret-a-porter recognized abroad and awarded for blurring the border between masculinity and feminity.
Adress: Aleea Alexandru no.38 / exhibition program / May 26 to July 8 / MF 10:00 - 17:00

The exhibition INSTALART / OBJECT / 004 presents Mario Kuibus, architect, who does not like the sating "Bucharest, Little Paris". He initiated the TUB project in 2007, which proposes identity for Bucharest and strategy for the future.

TUB is the backbone of PIDU CENTRAL BUCHAREST, project approved, endorsed and adopted by the Bucharest City Hall. In parallel, Instalart invites six big names of the romanian design to interact with the TUB of Mario Kuibus: Dorin Stefan, Robert Marin, Corvin Cristian, Mihai Popescu, Stefan Barutcieff and Madalin Gheorghe.
Adress: Street Balcescu, nr. 17 / Program May 26 to June 4, to 12:00 - 20:00

Assamblage - The National Association of Authors and Designers of Contemporary Jewelry, launched in May 2015 at Romanian Design Week, follows a ongoing project of 5 years of development, supporting  and structuring of the emerging field of contemporary jewelry in Romania.

Project: Found.Lost.Found rediscovers the tradition and the cultural heritage through an interactive instalation of jewelry design signed by the  designers Andreia Popescu, Adelina Petcan, Ioana Ardelean and Otilia Mihalcea, along with multimedia projections signed by Black Horse Mansion
Created as a tribute to a fabulous tradition, in the forgotten part, exhibition "Found.Lost.Found" is a reinterpretation of the symbolically forms of dacic thesaurs.

Found.Lost.Found, curated by David Sandu, was presented for the first time  as part of the International Fashion Showcase - Fashion Utopias in London Fashion Week 2016. The exhibition is hosted in Piata Amzei and it can be visited from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00.

From 26th of May to 2nd June The Institute and UniCredit Bank organisez Advertising’s Night Shift and Architecture’s Night Shift. During the events, the agencies and the studios invite the audiences to cross the threshold to know them in an informal and relaxed setting. 

Advertising’s Night Shift is at the seventh edition and is an event that aims to promote the romanian creativity and to facilitate socialization and between the communication enthusiasts. The initiative for the event came from the belief that communication is an art too. In total, 86 communications agencies were scored during the five editions in the marathon night of creativity.

Advertising’s Night Shift of this year will take place on 26th May, at 20, and includes: Business Results by Smart Ideas, ERKA Synergy Communication, FCB Bucharest, Media Events, Minio Studio, MullenLowe, MullenLowe Profero, Nuevo, pastel, SCG Corporation-Smart Group, The Group.
Architecture’s Night Shift is at the third edition and until now it counted 30 participating architecture firms.

Architecture’s Night Shift takes place on 2nd of June, starting at 20:00 , and it will open the gates of ADNBA, FTB OAR House, City Project, Laboratory of Architecture, Manasc Isaac, Prodid, Republic of Architects, laugh / ZEST Collective / LTFB Studio, Skaarchitects / Tactical / Kub Planning / imprint Studio, Square One, Stardust & Nod Makerspace, Studio Insign, SYAA / PZP / ARXTUDIO / CENTERPOINT, Tegmark & ??NEAT & UNULAUNU, Twins Studio, Wigwam, Wolfhouse @ Grassroots Productions.

The Map of Romanian Design Week 2016 will include 50 connected events that will unfold during those 17 days - conferences, exhibitions, screenings and workshops that will take place in various conventional and unconventional areas, art galleries, design studios, workshops showrooms, with the aim of promoting design and all its disciplines.

A project of The Institute, Romanian Design Week is an annual event that promotes Romanian contemporary design as a tool that can contribute to the social progress in economicaly and cultural ways.It is the first project entirely devoted to design, addressing both to the public and to the professionals. Every year, Romanian Design Week draws a map of events and spaces that promote design. In 2016, RDW will take place from May 20 to June 5.
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The Institute promotes the creative industries in Romania, aiming to contribute at the modernization of Romania. The Institute initiates and organizes events by 17 years and it has built a community that brings together entrepreneurs, professionals and the public of the creative industry in Romania.

With everything they do , they help build a strong infrastructure for creative entrepreneurship development in the country grows more diverse audience and workshops, designers, small businesses, agencies and manufactures,it promotes entrepreneurs and creative professionals on nationally and internationally plan.