The Institute promovează industriile creative din România, urmărind să contribuie la modernizarea României. The Institute inițiază și organizează evenimente de 19 ani și a construit o comunitate ce reunește antreprenori, profesioniști și publicul industriilor creative din România.

Prin tot ceea ce face,  contribuie la construirea unei infrastructuri puternice pentru dezvoltarea antreprenoriatului creativ în țară, crește și diversifică audiența atelierelor, designerilor, micilor afaceri, agențiilor și manufacturilor, promovează antreprenorii și profesioniștii creativi pe plan național și internațional. 

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Who's who / 11 Apr 2018 / RDW team
  • BATEM FIERUL LA CONAC! / PRODID 2018 // Family
  • BATEM FIERUL LA CONAC! / PRODID 2018 // Family
  • BATEM FIERUL LA CONAC! / PRODID 2018 // Family
  • BATEM FIERUL LA CONAC! / PRODID 2018 // Family
„We forge iron at the manor!” powered by Prodid is the name that gathers around a continuous blacksmithing school aimed to the locals in Țibănești (Moldova); also a suite of traditional crafts and experimental techniques workshops and a collection of objects created in this context.

Prodid is an architecture laboratory with complete design services including all phases, interior design, product design, exhibition space design, restoration, community projects.


2018 // Family

„Family” because we have always thought of chairs as objects that are partly alive. In fact, no other piece of furniture has such virtues. If there is a chair in the room, it is somewhat more than furnished. In that room there is an object and something else that creates a tension. The chair has its own responsive system. The chair carries on a dialogue with the person and for this reason it acquires its own personality. Our versions of chairs are simple games of strength, objects that react elastically, like a living muscle.

In a 3D world, some of them are 2D jokes. They preserve something of the anatomy of the user. They are obviously not asexual. When unoccupied, each chair incises from the space around it an area of specific influence that is in direct relation to its own form. It is the moment in which the relation is transferred to the domain of intimacy. What follows is a time in which both chair and occupant enter into relative symbiosis. Is the chair really such a simple object?