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Who's who / 08 Apr 2019 / RDW team
  • BIANCA DUMITRAȘCU2019 // Happy holidays
  • BIANCA DUMITRAȘCU2019 // Happy holidays
  • BIANCA DUMITRAȘCU2019 // Happy holidays
  • BIANCA DUMITRAȘCU2018 // Life Philosophy
  • BIANCA DUMITRAȘCU2016 // Mix Type Love
  • BIANCA DUMITRAȘCU2016 // Mix Type Love
  • BIANCA DUMITRAȘCU2016 // Mix Type Love
  • BIANCA DUMITRAȘCU2016 // Type is sexy
Bianca Dumitrașcu is a designer specialized in lettering and typography. In 2017 she finished a Masters degree in advanced typography in Barcelona. Since then she has devoted her time exploring a wide range of styles and techniques from calligraphy to historical decorative characters and typeface design.

She creates customized letters for logos, books, packaging, greeting cards, posters, and more. When she is not drawing, Bianca helps other designers and communication people to develop their skills.


2019 // Happy holidays
Holiday cards with monoline script lettering, produced on Snow White 450g paper, embossed and treated with gold, silver and mat white folio.

2018 // Life Philosophy
Bianca’s life philosophy can be summarized in three words: passion, practice, and patience. This piece celebrates how the three depend on each other to grow in any pursuit of passion.

2016 // Type is sexy
After being drawn into the typography project along designers and illustrators from all over the world, Bianca accepted the challenge of treating the alphabet in way that represents her artistic views. For Bianca, letters are beautiful, expressive and versatile. And their likeness to the female body’s erotism have led to the project’s idea: a visual play on letters and feminine forms. Both mysterious, both communicating nonverbally, but transmitting sensuality, emotions and strong stories enveloped in sex-appeal.

2016 // Mix Type Love
Being a fan of the Urban Dictionary, Bianca had the idea of creating a new word: mixtype=when your notebook becomes a compilation of favorite lyrics, written down to never be forgotten. It was not long before a new typography project was born. That’s how #mixtypelove was created, a set of postcards for Valentine’s Day and Dragobete, to help lovers everywhere. Each postcard illustrates the title or a line from a famous love song. A QR code on the back allows you to listen to it as easy as saying “mixtype love”.