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ADELINA IVAN // Time Delusion

Articol / 12 Mai 2016 / RDW team
  • ADELINA IVAN // Time Delusion
  • ADELINA IVAN // Time Delusion
  • ADELINA IVAN // Time Delusion
  • ADELINA IVAN // Time Delusion
Space and time are pure intuitions through which we perceive the world according to forms or structures belonging to our sensitivity. More generally time has been pictured as a generative and partitive stream which is either linear, circular or fragmented. These age enduring metaphors of time as river, spring and ongoing flow of future anticipatory moments transformed into an acutely felt present which in turn becomes an often melancholic past – are ways we conceive finitude and motion of life or matter. This flow usually delineates the memory of the body or fabric reacting to the inner deconstruction and erosion of their generative impetus felt as rhythmical, serial and generative. Intuitive perception of identity as the inseparability of a past moment belonging to another moment of present is actually, a delusion.

But if time, space and even memory were to be discarded as attributes of the mind, informed by our sensorial mechanisms one could begin to speculate, as these works invite, what is the time and memory of the non being, of the curtain suspended in it's undulating folds and in that irritating immobility that wildly swerves into the mind.

Adelina Ivan's conceptual process meet in a cryogenic impulse towards suspension that seeks to cease the interweaving of time fabric and light into a frozen momentum, to structural patterns which direct our envisioning of time into metaphors of flow, continuity, presence and absence.

May 23 - June 5
Calea Victoriei Blvd., no. 114 (KUBE Musette)
Official opening: May 23, at 7pm

Adelina Ivan (b. Bucharest, Romania) is a designer and visual artist who works with light and memory through textiles, photography, installation and video. Her personal discourse explores how time, space and memory interact. She has recently shifted her focus from fashion design to visual arts centring on textile installations. Her practice examines the reflectioction of light on different textures, structures and geometries. The very nature of fabric enables a process of building from flat to three-dimensional object surfaces, deconstruction, recycling and decomposition and returning to its early stage, the textile fibre. Adelina has a BA in Art&Design within the National University of Arts Bucharest.