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Who's who / 24 Apr 2017 / RDW team
  • SPOFFSoft Power // 2017
  • SPOFFSoft Power // 2017
  • SPOFFSoft Power // 2017
  • SPOFFSoft Power // 2017
  • SPOFFSoft Power // 2017
  • SPOFFSoft Power // 2017
Laura Bonciu and Patricia Ad?sc?li?ei both graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Romania, but only met in 2015, while being involved in a commercial design project for Romanian Design Week. They connected over a shared passion for aesthetics and subversive use of materials and went on to create two collections together under a different project before presenting their first capsule appearance as Spoff at Feeric Fashion Week in Romania. Spoff had shown its Soft Power S/S 2017 collection for the first time at New York Fashion Week in September 2016. 

Spoff is an independent ready-to-wear fashion brand that emerged from the passion and imagination of Laura Bonciu and Patricia Ad?sc?li?ei, a young designer duo based in Bucharest, Romania. A wonderland for the urban chic, this fashion brand seeks to become a stream of self-expression for young people who stand out in a crowd. Spoff is for all those who have the courage to step outside the conventional and own their personalities in spontaneous, effortless style.

2017 // Soft Power
Soft Power is inspired from performance sportswear, contemporary art and a new form of feminism. It also explores border areas between fashion and the shifting cultural climate in a world that becomes increasingly open-minded towards equality and embracing emotions. The collection presents more than 27 pieces defined by a modern blend of minimalism that convey a sense of softness, combining textures with reductive shapes and bleached-out near-pastels.