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/ 07 Mai 2015 / RDW team
The Netherlands is the first guest country at Romanian Design Week , with the support of The Netherlands Embassy in Bucharest.  
The Dutch program during RDW aims at presenting Dutch design to the Romanian public; sharing Dutch knowledge and expertise; setting new collaborations between Dutch designers and companies and the Romanian market.The program showcases Dutch design in exhibitions, workshops and happenings that take place both in Romanian Design Week Main Venue and  throughout Bucharest in a Dutch Design Trail initiated by Dutch designers and Dutch companies.

The dutch program includes:

Dutch Design Awards Exhibition
Hanul Gabroveni, Lipscani nr. 84-90
16 May//10:00-01:00
17-24 May//10:00-22:00
Since 2003 Dutch Design Awards (DDA) annually shows and rewards the very best in the field of Dutch design. To this end, DDA appoints selection committees of independent experts who nominate designs in different categories: Product, Communication, Habitat, Service&Systems, Design Research and Fashion. Moreover they select young talent for the Young Designer Award. An international jury appoints the winner.The criteria for nomination are: impact, innovation, production process, aesthetics and collaboration. Decisive factor in the judgement is the extent to which the design is innovative and/or makes a relevant contribution to society. In this exhibition a selection of the three young design talents can be seen: Dave Hakkens (winner ‘Young Designer Award’), Liselore Frowijn and Niels Hoebers. 

Architecture of textile 
Hanul Gabroveni, Lipscani nr. 84-90
16 May//10:00-01:00
17-24 May//10:00-22:00
Freyke Hartemink & Aura Luz Melis 
Architecture of textile is a live weaving installation: professional weavers will perform the act of weaving, making all the steps of a design and production process visible. The design they will use is based on a traditional Romanian pattern which will be woven every day over and over again, transforming its scale, color and material . The final textiles will be left on the 2 looming frames. Depending on their arrangement these Textile Frames will influence the architectural space.

Design Thinkers Temporary Studio
Hanul Gabroveni, Lipscani nr. 84-90
18-24 May//Workshops at Hanul Gabroveni 21-24 May, 10:00-20:00//Events at Maastricht School of
Management 18 May and at Eastwards Prospectus Gallery 19-20 May
Design Thinkers Temporary Studio is a LivingLab offered by DesignThinkersGroup, during various Design Weeks, that facilitates creative dialogue between visitors, designers, businesses, researchers, artists and all who wants to join into a multidisciplinary exploration.  

Wool- a 3D Village/Noetsj
The Institute Café, Știrbei Vodă 104-106
19-24 May//Opening 19 May//Workshops from 12 pm, 20, 23 and 24 May
Exhibition, video projection and live workshops presenting the whole process of felt making: washing, dying and preparing the wool. The event is presented by noetsj with the help of the craftsmen from Metiș, a small village from Transylvania. 

Neverending Story by Sorin Bechira
Grand Cafe Van Gogh – Smârdan Street, nr. 9
16–24 May//Monday-Thursday: 08:30-00:00/Friday: 08:30-01:00/Saturday: 10:00-01:00/Sunday: 10:00-00:00//Opening: 16 May, 19:00
The exhibition of Sorin Bechira, a graphic and multimedia designer with other 14 years of experience in visual communications. He has worked on projects that include subjects from brand identity to interactive solution for the online environment, and going all the way to experimental illustrations and mattepainting.

Special Menu Romanian Design Week 
The Artist
Tonitza nr. 13
17–24 May//18:00-23:00
For Romanian Design Week, the Chef will be preparing a 4 course menu that will resemble the value of quality ingredients prepared to surprise with design and texture, revealing new flavors combinations in a live show to entertain all senses, each dish to be paired with Romanian exquisite wines.