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The CHANGE exhibition, part of Romanian Design Week 2020, will take place at the National Museum of Arts of Romania

Articol / 18 Feb 2020 / The Institute
  • The CHANGE exhibition, part of Romanian Design Week 2020, will take place at the National Museum of Arts of RomaniaMuzeul National de Artă al României
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The 8th edition of Romanian Design Week will take place between 15th-24th of May in Bucharest. Having CHANGE as the main theme, RDW 2020 is proposing an exercise of rethinking and reshaping the role of design in a changing world.

The theme of the festival is going to be explored through a dedicated exhibition, CHANGE - design exhibition for a shifting world, held at the National Museum of Arts of Romania. Through this association, RDW and MNAR are contouring a strategic partnership aimed to promote the collaboration between museum institutions and the creative industry. At the same time, in order to strengthen this association and also bring a new perspective on methods of valorizing the inheritance of the museum through contemporary design, these two organizations are launching the MNAR Inspiră contest. Participants are required to create product design projects that reinterpret the art from the Museum’s heritage. The winners will have their projects exhibited at RDW 2020.

The CHANGE exhibition is structured in four main subthemes: Experiment – experimental and conceptual design, Natural Resources – projects that explore the relationship between the prime materials, sensorial harmony and sustainable, archaic methods of manufacturing, Redesign Crafts – the reintegration of traditional crafts in contemporary design and Placemaking – a collection of architecture projects, participative urbanism and interior architecture, which open a conversation about improving the everyday life, but also tackle themes like sustainability and recycling.

The CHANGE exhibition is curated by the RDW team, according the chosen theme, the architecture of the exhibition is signed by Attila Kim Architects and the graphic concept by Radu Manelici.

Romanian Design Week aims to create a wide radiography of projects that tackle on design, from both local and international creative industry, that approaches the chosen theme for this year.

Therefore, in partnership with the British Council, RDW is proposing a series of events under the name UK Focus: a capsule exhibition - UK Focus - Circular Cultures, a series of talks and workshops that will try to investigate sustainability in design, circular cultures and innovative ways towards a sustainable future, and also a field trip for UK based organizations in Bucharest and Transylvania, part of British Council Crafting Futures program, aimed to support the future of craft around the globe. UK Focus also includes a series of films on design, part of the new RDW format dedicated to Professionals.

The UK Focus - Circular Cultures exhibition, also held at MNAR, will exemplify the main objective of the EU program on sustainable design and creative economy with the same name, signed by the British Council. The program wishes to offer a voice to the concept of sustainability, but also create a UE network which will generate dialogues on design and circularity. You can find more details about the program here.

The Crafting Futures Field Trip will take place during Romanian Design Week and will create a favorable context for relevant craft specialists from UK to connect with local practitioners, with the aim of developing joint UK-Romania projects focused on collaborative learning experiences looking into how to use traditional wisdom to innovate about a sustainable future.

The British Council is putting climate change at the core of its mission, aiming towards an environmentally friendly approach during Romanian Design Week 2020.

The events and exhibitions, part of the Romanian Design Week 2020 program, are integrated in a few categories: Professionals - bringing together the industries that build Romania, that gathers together design, architecture and fashion events dedicated to professionals, but also a film series and Architecture Night In; Young Showcase - rising fashion stars of DIPLOMA 2019, a capsule exhibition that shows projects of young fashion designers; Design Flags - International design exhibitions, exhibitions that document the evolution of design from different international and cultural perspectives; Kids Love Design - exhibitions. workshops. toys. for kids; a Design Market - design to sell and Design Go! - The network of design places in Bucharest, a format which cover all connected events in Bucharest associated to the festival.
The locations for others events part of Romanian Design Week 2020 will be announced soon.

RDW 2020 Partners
A project by: The Institute
Presented by: UniCredit Bank
Strategic Partner: The National Museum of Arts of Romania
Strategic Media Partners: Rock FM, Radio Romania Cultural
Media Partners: Arhitext,,, Glamour, Igloo,,, Molecule F, V Fair, Zeppelin, Zile și Nopți.

Design of the exhibition: Attila Kim Architects
Graphic Design: Radu Manelici (Faber Studio)
Communication Concept: Gavrilă & Asociații
Monitoring Partner: mediaTRUST România

A project by The Institute, Romanian Design Week became the most important multidisciplinary event in Romania, a radiography of the current stage of both design and local creative industries improvement: architecture, urbanism, interior design, graphic design, illustration, fashion, product design and another initiatives or projects that uses creativity as the main tool of growth. Each year, Romanian Design Week marks off a map of the events and spaces that promote the design industry.
Starting with 2020, Romanian Design Week will present a new festival architecture, therefore each year the event will approach a new theme that will contour the entire event.