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Romanian Design Week 2015 overview

Articol / 20 Apr 2016 / RDW team
  • Romanian Design Week 2015 overview
  • Romanian Design Week 2015 overview
  • Romanian Design Week 2015 overview
  • Romanian Design Week 2015 overview
  • Romanian Design Week 2015 overview
  • Romanian Design Week 2015 overview
Romanian Design Week is the biggest annual celebration of design in the country. Giving the fact that the 2016 edition is fast approaching, here is a brief summary of what happened last year.

The third edition of Romanian Design Week, which took place in the second half of May, turned out to be a tourist attraction for more than 20.000 people. The program included the central exhibition from Hanul Gabroveni, which brought to light the best 150 projects in architecture, graphic design, object design or fashion, all of them created by over 130 designers. There were also included 60 events in collateral locations.

The 2015 edition revealed a new element, and that is the first country invited to Romanian Design Week - The Netherlands. Furthermore, in the last year's program, more countries made their presence felt through debates or particular projects. Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are among them. Also, Sweden, Denmark and Finland signed a joint project called "Nordic Corner" and Vienna Design Week revealed the interactive exhibition "Interpreting Vienna". Moreover, The Czech Centre from Bucharest came up with the exhibition "By the clicking an eye" by Ondřej Vicena and the Swedish and Finnish Embassies created  the exhibition "Emergent trends in Scandinavian design" whose curator was Petra Lilja. The Swedish design studio Glimpt introduced the newest products of the "Romanian Glimpt" project.

In order to make the Romanian Design Week map easier to follow, the organisers along with their partners from Mind Treat Studios created a phone application for the visitors which included a full list of the events and the overall schedule. Over 500 people downloaded the multiple awarded app.

"The total budget required for planning and organizing Romanian Design Week 2015 was 200.000 euros. Nevertheless, Romanian Design Week is not just an yearly event. Throughout the year, there are many capsules born which reflect various themes found in the design weeks outside the country", said Andrei Borțun, CEO The Institute and initiator of Romanian Design Week.
 In 2015, Romanian Design Week was part of the Stockholm Design Week program with the "Play&Rewind" capsule - memories, games and stories within Romanian design.

Thus, the fourth edition of Romanian Design Week aims for a wider audience, more succesful collaborations, even more design projects and events and finally to make Bucharest an important actor on the international design scene.