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Who's who / 19 Ian 2016 / RDW team
Being on the market since 2004, Brandtailors’ team has worked on brand development projects, rebranding projects, packaging design projects or line extensions for more than 170 brands. Despite the usual relation that is set between a branding company and its clients, developing the branding project and then growing apart, 82% of their clients have worked with them on more than 3 projects, becoming returning clients.
Their philosophy goes beyond aesthetics and they are characterized by commercial efficiency - as such, the average sales growth in the product branding projects that they developed is 16%, while the average growth rate of brand performance goals as set by the project (projects measured by market research) for corporate and services branding projects is 23% (the internal commitment to the brand, grade perceived reputational value, etc.). Brandtailors is the first and only branding company in Romania that divided its team in two major specializations – services branding and product branding.
2015 // Frupt
The most daring brand on the fruit juice shelf in Romania, Frupt is the freshest add-on in the portfolio of Albalact, following in the footsteps of Zuzu, Fruzu, Fulga and other cool brands. Frupt uniqueness and memorability resides in the brand’s tongue-in-cheek attitude, its irresistibly challenging tone-of-voice and the courage of not taking itself too seriously.
2014 // Tiriac Holdings
Mr. Tiriac commissioned Brandtailors to reinvent their company group identity to better match the high-end services they were providing. The major challenge was to transfer some of Mr Tiriac’s values, as a persona brand, to the corporate brand that could stand as an umbrella over the entire group of companies. That is how the coat of arms was thought to be the best to embrace the tradition and the power of the companies that he built and the legacy that he will leave behind.
2014 // Zuzu rebranding
Working on a second rebranding project for Zuzu, Brandtailors created a brand architecture based on product ranges according to consumption benefits. The products that Zuzu was initially famous for were gathered under the ‘origins’ range and kept their white background package design, while other products were organised according to their main benefits in the following categories: ‘active health’ – green background, ‘refresh’ – blue background and ‘creamy’ – crim-son background. 
This solution helps differentiate better between products and allows the brand to access new sub-categories while preserving its design consistency.
2013 // Agricola
The rebranding project developed for Agricola by Brandtailors team was a double challenge, as the brand has two simultaneous manifestations – the company brand and the FMCG brand. The most important strategic step was to evolve from a block brand to a design approach that is more suitable for each of the two brand addressability groups (B2B vs B2C). Thus, the corporate brand metaphorically represents one of the most well known artifacts of the Romanian thesaurus and the product brand is positioned around the freshness benefit, so the package design concept and brand look and feel support that same idea.
2014 // Transport Urban Sinaia
Transport Urban Sinaia may be the first Romanian public transportation company to call for a rebranding project. Having in their services portfolio various facilities addressed mainly to a younger target, such as, Bike Resort Sinaia, Gondola Sinaia, Sinaia Ski Slopes and other facilities, they wished to be more appealing to the tourists. In order to do that Brandtailors started their project conducting a brand audit and competition analysis to better determine what was the perceived image of the company, leading them to the new fresher look they display today.