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Who's who / 17 Mai 2016 / RDW team
  • MIHAELA GLAVAN2016 // Non colors in flight
  • MIHAELA GLAVAN2016 // Non colors in flight
  • MIHAELA GLAVAN2016 // Non colors in flight
  • MIHAELA GLAVAN2016 // Non colors in flight
  • MIHAELA GLAVAN2016 // Non colors in flight
First launched in 2003, Mihaela Glavan shoes soon become well-known on the Romanian market and, since 2006, internationally. Mihaela Glavan has been featured at Montreal Fashion Week, Cyprus Fashion Week, Kiev Fashion Week Mercedes-Benz  Berlin Fashion Week and MQ Vienna Fashion Week. The Mihaela Glavan brand is exported to United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Austria.

Mihaela Glavan is the designer behind two Romanian shoe labels: the high-end Mihaela Glavan signature brand, and Sepala, her second line. Minimal, smart and architectural in design, Mihaela Glavan's shoes boast a distinctive sense of color, with fine attention paid to the development of  contemporary shoes and the comfort they offer. Combined, these elements – and many more besides – make a pair of Mihaela Glavan shoes an object of desire. All of Mihaela Glavan's shoes are hand-made in her own Bucharest-based workshop with materials carefully selected for each collection. Most Romanian designers and stylists from the country's top fashion magazines use Sepala shoes for catwalks, photo sessions and different projects in the field


2016 // Non colors in flight
Beyond what's possible and always ready to move up a level. Almost surreal, systematically in your mind. In non colors. In combinations of grey, white and black. Tones which give life to unique creations. Looking at them, your thoughts fly quickly towards that which you have created. These pieces are a preview of Mihaela Glavan's Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 collection. The sentiment which quickly appears before you is one of eyes wide open, leading you towards a completely new reality. From here to absolute freedom is now a journey of a single step. Everything around you pulsates in clear, vibrant light, spread wide over the wings of birds, symbols of dematerialisation. The microuniverse we have contoured sustains ideas of freedom and aspiration, and of a desire to pursue the absolute. Gladiator sandals created with the elements of boot close the perspective of this new collection, one the most dynamic ever.