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Design for Change Center @RDW 2015

Articol / 10 Mai 2015 / INSTITUTE.RO
  • Design for Change Center @RDW 2015
Romanian Design Week will host at the Main Venue, in Hanul Gabroveni (Lipscani 84-90), a series of conferences and workshops.
The program of the Design for Change Center includes:

A lecture by Aura Luz Melis and Freyke Hartemink
16th of May – 12:00 PM
An introduction to their projects on architecture, interior design and products and on their vision on design.

17th of May – 5 PM
The Perfect Human (Det Perfecte Menneske), 1967, director Jørgen Leth  (Danish, english subtitles, 13 minutes). The Five obstructions, 2003, Lars von Trier and Jørgen Leth (Danish, english subtitles).  

"Omulan!" // film screening
A film by Matei Branea
Sunday // May 17 // 12.30 PM
N-Graphix with the support of The National Cinematography Center presents "Omulan!", a film by Matei Branea. Omulan is travelling through cosmos in his search of the divine mistery. It’s a SF adventure with monsters, sex and alcohol, purely balcanic and yet universal.
Production: Helga Fodorean & Paul Negoescu // Sound design: Tudor Petre // Music: Vlaicu Golcea // Design: Noper // Animation, Vfx, Compositing: Tudor Calnegru // Montage: Ana Branea // Voices: Matei Branea, Silvia Gîscă, Ariadna Mihai, Mircea Albulescu
More about "Omulan!" Film screening

“Emerging tendencies in design” // lecture
Petra Lilja and Attila Kim
Sunday // May 17th // 7 PM
The exhibition shows a number of examples of contemporary design from different areas and focuses on three strong tendencies: designers who work with small-scale or artisanal production, designers who work conceptually rather than commercially and designers merging social commentary with design and art. The selection favors young as well as established designers from Sweden and Finland rather than big design brands or producers, and it aims at showing a slice of emerging tendencies in contemporary Scandinavian design. Curator and designer Petra Lilja will give a lecture about the exhibition and participate in a moderated talk.
More about Lecture - “Emerging tendencies in design”

Lilli Hollein- Vienna Design Week // special talk
Tuesday // May 19 // 7PM
A talk about the importance of design and the social and cultural change it can generate. Lilli Hollein, Director and Curator of Vienna Design Week meets Romanian Design Week’s team and romanian designers.

Architecture of textile // conferences
Freyke Hartemink & Aura Luz Melis
20 and 22th of May  // 11 AM
Architecture of textile is a live weaving installation: professional weavers will perform the act of weaving, making all the steps of a design and production process visible. The design they will use is based on a traditional Romanian pattern which will be woven every day over and over again, transforming its scale, color and material . The final textiles will be left on the 2 looming frames. Depending on their arrangement these Textile Frames will influence the architectural space.
Due to the partnership with "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, Mrs. Beatrice-Gabriela Jöger, PhD Architect and Vice-Rector for Image and International Cooperation "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism, will lecture on May 20th on "Traditional Looming Techniques and Patterns" and on May 22th about the History of Interior Design and Use of Textiles.
More about Architecture of textile

Creative models to revitalize urban sites in large cities // workshop
Institute for Public Policy
Thursday // May 21 // 11 AM
The workshop aims to increase the level of knowledge of the respective local authorities to involve community members in the projects undertaken and a better education for harmonious urban development in urban communities in Romania by the integration of former industrial areas respectively abandoned urban sustainable development trends of the current tailored  requirements to the population.
More about Creative models to revitalize urban sites in large cities

Design Thinkers Temporary Studio // workshops
Events on May 21-24 //  starting 10 AM every day
Design Thinkers Temporary Studio is a LivingLab offered by DesignThinkersGroup, during various Design Weeks, that facilitates creative dialogue between visitors, designers, businesses, researcher, artists and all who wants to join into a multidisciplinary exploration.
More about Design Thinkers Temporary Studio

Design from a marketing perspective // conference
Intro afternoon talks
Saturday // May 23 // 3 PM
Celebrities such as Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs are renowned as innovators, but what they truly are, in essence, is two of the world's greatest marketing geniuses. A revolutionary concept or a cutting-age idea alone won’t capture the masses’ interest unless they come wrapped in a good story, while answering to an authentic consumer’s need. During his keynote, Mihai Gurei, Managing Director at Intro, briefly addresses the main trends in contemporary marketing, designed to effectively connect the product to the potential client. Companies with a vision statement such as Apple, Nest, Tesla or Warby Parker all owe their success to a constant focus on the consumer’s needs. Building a personal brand has proved essential for many well-known designers, either star-personalities such as Philippe Stark, Marcel Wanders and Karim Rashid, or more discrete ones, such as Konstantin Grcic or the Bouroullec brothers.
More about Design from a marketing perspective

Design education: where do we stand internationally? // conference
Intro afternoon talks
Sunday // May 24th // 3PM
Along the halls of the most prestigious Arts and Design schools in Europe, students arm themselves with a little more than a schedule and a drop of talent. The educational model which guides their vocation is based on a few key-elements: curiosity, flexibility, discipline, and as much thinking outside the box as possible. It is common practice for these students to take part in the most important design fairs and exhibitions, such as Milan's Salone del Mobile, and connect to the wider design phenomena. Their portofolios meet the highest professional requirements, while their diplomas alone stand as relevant reason for joining some of the industry’s most important studios and companies. Where does the next generation of Romanian designers and artists position itself compared to these international standards, and what is the extent to which our own educational system can take inspiration from these western models, with the resources it disposes of? We find out the answers to all these questions from representatives of both our schools and our local creative industries.
More about Design education: where do we stand internationally?

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