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MODULAB // Future Garden

Articol / 29 Apr 2015 / INSTITUTE.RO
  • MODULAB // Future Garden
  • MODULAB // Future Garden
Last year during RDW, Modulab has opened its door for the first time at the starting up of the Future Farden - the only DIY space in Romania dedicated to exploring and disseminating technology with a creative approach. Most of Modulab projects draw their roots in the socio-cultural phenomena, philosophical and artistic investigations that set the context for the new tech trends, but are based on direct experimentation. This year, for the 21st of May event, Modulab is opening the black box of the lab together with our visitors, watching an outdoor video projection with the making process of the lab, followed by freestyle geek talking with our guests. Some of the installations and experiments they have recently developed, less exhibited for the Bucharest public, are also going to be on display for the event. The relaxed and homey atmosphere to which our visitors are already familiarized is going to set the baseline of the evening.  

Viitorului Street, no. 153
21st of May, from 8pm to 10.30pm

Modulab is the first technology, art and design lab in Bucharest. Modulab founder, Paul Popescu, developed the first holographic projection, and also the first haptic multi-touch screen, Tactil. In 2012 they brought 3D scanning and printing in the street at Street Delivery festival, where people could scan their faces and print their portraits in plastic. Modulab also co-produced the Romanian Pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale in 2012. Next year, they the first collaborative art project, which consisted in creating an organizational/conceptual frame for an interdisciplinary team to develop the interactive installations. Symbiomorphogenesis exhibition was shown in MNAC and Transilvania Architecture biennale. At Romanian Wesign Week 2014, Modulab launched its community oriented platform “Future Garden”, a modular educational platform for art, design and technology for all public categories. One of their interactive installations, FluO, was on display at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, within “SenzArt” collective exhibition and other interactive installations were also presented within art exhibitions and events last year.