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Who's who / 24 Apr 2015 / RDW team
  • LORAND EMANUEL CINCA2015 // M-smile, salt and pepper shakers
  • LORAND EMANUEL CINCA2104 // UC shelf
  • LORAND EMANUEL CINCA2015 // 0.90, desk lamp
  • LORAND EMANUEL CINCA2015 // 0.90, desk lamp
He is in the second year of master at National University of Art Bucharest, Product design department. He likes to create objects following the people’s needs and desires, because in this way he can understand them and himself better. He is now a freelenacer and he is trying to put into practice everything he learnt.

He is still trying to improve his skills by sketching, 3D/2D modeling, physically and virtually, reading and making research. Photography is also a relevant part of his creative process, because it teaches you to observe details and most of all it teaches you that you can’t understand the world staying home.
He believes that design offers to society the Beauty and the Useful. When an imaginary object became a prototype, you have a proof that an idea has his chance to became reality.


2015 // 0.90, desk lamp
0.90 represents his attempt to exclude complicated mechanism from an usual desk lamp. We can speak about a minimalist lamp that uses magnets to create extrafunctions. It is composed of three main parts: a concrete base, a metallic structure and a wooden cube that contains a light source (led) and can be moved along the metallic structure.

2015 // M-smile, salt and pepper shakers
M-smile is a set of salt and pepper shakers made of porcelain. The spherical  shakers are composed of two main parts :the recipient for spices and the cap. These two components are linked with two neodim magnets. The spherical shape was inspired by little creatures cartoons and it invites you to play with them.

2104 // UC shelf
UC Shelf was conceived  to solve a problem regarding the storage space. It can adapt its compartments to the volume of the objects to be stored. This shelf can be usefull at home (in urban areas),but also in public spaces. UC is modular, so it can be extended taking count of the space required. The shelf is composed of beech  wood modules. Each module contains two welded steel structures that can be moved in different ruts in the wood material, customizing the storage space. The interior ruts and the sculptural form on exterior are  modeled with a CNC machine.