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Who's who / 18 Mai 2016 / RDW team
Designer at La Designarie and student at the Faculty of Interior Architecture from the University of Architecture and Urbanism, Ion Mincu, Bucharest, passionate about everything new, innovative and nonconformist and alternative technology. Is drawn to graphic design, object design and everything related to art and architecture. The work done tends to follow up on the capitalization of each element, using materials in warm tones and contrasting colors designed to break the monotony.
Objects bearing the designer’s stamp follow the same line: innovation through simplicity, functionality.


2016 // Erizo Ceiling Lamp
Erizo ceiling lamp is a minimalist object, available on a wide range of colors in terms of what constitutes the metal lampshade. It comes in different sizes depending on its use: object mounted single or grouped. The lamp is a cheerful object that the play of light and shadow made using metal stripes, to bring more each environment. The stripes of the lampshade are made of metal being welded onto a disc of the same material and a wooden cylinder that puts plastic socket. Erizo lamp is a small object, with a shade height of 26 cm. The diversity of colors is only apply on the metal lampshade and on the electrical cable wrapped in fabric.

2016 // PIN Coffee Table
The PIN coffee table represents a minimalist object which presents simplicity  and diversity in colour. It is available in a wide range of colours and the countertop can be customised with different sizes depending on the clients’ needs. It can also be fitted with a beech wood countertop that is fixed above the metal one with the same size and shape. The PIN coffee table is intended to be a cheerful, easy to integrate object, which by shape and color can be an improvement to each environment. PIN has the standard dimensions of 35 cm in height and 60 cm in diameter, sizes that can be customized.

2015 // Farbe Sideboard 
The FARBE sideboard  is a colorful object , whose warm materials are designed to beautify and brighten any  interior space . Available in a variety of colors in terms of the  Plexiglass sheets that separate the space of the cabinet , the FARBE sideboard  can be easily integrated in any space’s chromatic. 
The concept consists in the ability of obtaining  inside the  timber case  a different partition using Plexiglass plates . Thus,  many  partitioning solutions will be generated  , depending on your preference and what is to be stored:  books, vinyl records , various objects. The Farbe sideboard  is a TV sideboard  with a convenient storage space which presents  the possibility of multiple partitions due to its carved grooves.
The object’s case  is made out of alder wood while the  legs are made out of  transparent Plexi glass 1 cm thick . The shelves that are fixed in the case grooves are made of 5 mm Plexi glass that can be both transparent and colored in various shades .