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Who's who / 29 Apr 2015 / RDW team
  • SORINA VAZELINA2016 // Coloring and activity book with drawings by Dan Perjovschi
  • SORINA VAZELINA2016 // Coloring and activity book with drawings by Dan Perjovschi
  • SORINA VAZELINA2016 // Poster for Colectiv Campaign
  • SORINA VAZELINA2015 // Interzis (Forbidden) - comics magazine
  • SORINA VAZELINA2015 // Interzis (Forbidden) - comics magazine
  • SORINA VAZELINA2013 // Minus CD cover
  • SORINA VAZELINA2013 // Minus CD cover
  • SORINA VAZELINA2013 // Minus CD cover
  • SORINA VAZELINA2013 // The Night of Galleries Bucharest 2011
  • SORINA VAZELINA2013 // The Night of Galleries Bucharest 2011
  • SORINA VAZELINA2013 // The Night of Galleries Bucharest 2011
  • SORINA VAZELINA2013 // The Night of Galleries Bucharest 2011
Sorina Vazelina is a full-time illustrator, part-time graphic designer and spare time cartoonist with pretzels for brains. Her scribbles have been published in Esquire, Omagiu and Regard Romania. While at and she collaborated on theatre and gig posters, art albums, comic anthologies, magazines and manuals. Her works were featured in Stripburger, exhibited at Next Comic Festival Linz 2014 and Fumetto Festival Luzern 2015.


2016 // Coloring and activity book with drawings by Dan Perjovschi
Beyond an introduction into Dan Perjovschi’s activity and work, this book is an introduction for kids in our real world, the same one observed and satirically commented by the artist. It’s an opportunity to familiarize children with political, social and economical topics, although sometimes we ignore them, they actually create the basis of our daily existence. It is an introduction into a world that our children will possess in a not too far away future, a world that only depending on their imagination, energy and resources will be able to be and look different.

2016 //
The Box
The Box is a collection of fragments, memories and thoughts. A quasi-family album that began as a result of discovering an old box of memories, tucked underneath a stack of old newspapers. The Box is not complete, it is a receptacle for memory's calcareous sediments. The book comprises three printing techniques: etching, silkscreen printing and digital press, it features five types of paper and is encased in a carton box with a textile spine. Printed in a limited edition of 10 copies, the project represents the master's degree graduation work, from the graphic arts department of the National University of Art, under the coordination of Stela Lie.

2016 // Poster for Colectiv Campaign
The fire that killed some 60 young people and injured 200 individuals, in Bucharest, took a hard hit on the health-care system. In order to tackle the shortcomings, a group of artists got together, under the Art for Colectiv moniker, and collected works donated or created by local artists. I was also invited. This poster was sold in 5 copies. The one exhibited is silkscreen printed in three colours, in a limited edition.

2016 // Dinescu’s wine
Dinescu’s wine is produced in the Oltenia region in South-Western Romania, at Galicea Mare, a century-old winery which has been equipped with new, up-to-date technology. Every wine bottle features its own detatcheable label, which can be used later as a book sign or as a tiny souvenir of a memorable experience. Part of the labels are silkscreen printed, part of them are laser cut and one in particular features a laser cut label and a laser engraved wooden label. The bottles are marked with the wine’s logo using a stencil. The packaging is focused on a hands on, do it yourself approach.

2015 // Interzis (Forbidden) - comics magazine

The Romanian Harm Reduction Network requested a comics magazine detailing the multi-faceted lives of recovering drug addicts in Romania. A shortage of information and an almost complete lack of funds means that the HIV epidemic is threatening to spread at an ever-increasing rate in Romania. The project extended over a period of 4 months. During this time they came into contact with methadone clinic patients, former legal drug addicts and visited a few syringe exchange facilities around Bucharest. Between 2009-2012, the Romanian market took a hard hit from legal drugs. With only 2 rehab clinics in the whole country and almost no knowledge as to the effects of the legal drugs, a lot of people became HIV positive in a limited amount of time. Starting with 2013 Romania lost most of its funding, for harm reduction projects, and nowadays, with a brutal winter, the less lucky homeless and HIV+ citizens are faced with probable TBC infection.

2013 // Minus CD cover
Minus is a young musician from the sunny coast of the Black Sea. His sound started out as minimal, 8 bit mixing and later expanded to cover glitch hop, dub and other experimental contraptions. Mr. Minus's cover took 2 weeks in the making. The evolution in the line of work went past Roy Lichtenstein's big bang comic bubbles and into a pixelated beach reminiscent of a childhood in primitive computer games. 
After a 5 hour serious talk with the musician they concluded that the best, and only solution for the cover of his latest EP, released by Local Records, would be a badminton butterfly. He had also considered a parrot and some '90s bleached out sea-side stickers, but those references failed to make it into the last round of debates. All was done in minimal vectors, with an almost clinical cleanliness to it and an extreme focus on typographical treatment.

2013 // The Night of Galleries Bucharest 2011
In 2010 the event hit its peak, covering 2 different cities, Cluj and Bucharest, and bringing together more than 70 galleries. In less than a month all of the materials comprising the event's visual identity had been drafted, printed and distributed and she was prepared to take a long break, but that never happened. For this event she handled the flyers, poster, banners, napkins, online and offline adds as well as the website design for the Night of Galleries in Bucharest.