The Institute promovează industriile creative din România, urmărind să contribuie la modernizarea României. The Institute inițiază și organizează evenimente de 19 ani și a construit o comunitate ce reunește antreprenori, profesioniști și publicul industriilor creative din România.

Prin tot ceea ce face,  contribuie la construirea unei infrastructuri puternice pentru dezvoltarea antreprenoriatului creativ în țară, crește și diversifică audiența atelierelor, designerilor, micilor afaceri, agențiilor și manufacturilor, promovează antreprenorii și profesioniștii creativi pe plan național și internațional. 

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Who's who / 18 Ian 2016 / RDW team
The Centrade group, was founded by the Florescu brothers in 1992. The holding company owns Centrade Integrated, Centrade PR, Centrade Direct, Chainsaw Europe, Kubis Interactive, Cable Direct, FMCG Communications, Epidemic Worldwide and Zenith Media. For 20 years, Centrade Integrated operated under an affiliation agreement with Saatchi & Saatchi which ended in December 2014. Centrade Integrated now operates as one of the leading independent communication agencies, building clients business & reputation by providing business solutions through strong, insightful communication ideas. Centrade Integrated, Bucharest also operates as a hub in the Balkan region for leading international clients. 

Centrade Intergrated’s mission is to build strong brands through ideas that bring value to partners, clients and employees. Centrade Integrated’s goal is to become evangelists of purposeful communication using technology, innovation & data and motivate brands to make the shift from traditional one-way-message to an efficient dialogue.

Matter & anti-matter; masculine & feminine; yin & yang; love and hate… It's all about double meaning and duality. One can see it all around. And most of all, you can see it in one and the same person. This is what makes everything so much more interesting. That’s why Centrade & HBO explored the duality of our main character in a one-of-a-kind integrated campaign based on a simple and memorable wordplay: “Family or Famiglia”. All in one unforgettable HBO series. 
Discover both side of Umbre’s story below: 
Although people love chocolate, sometimes they holdback due to their own preconceptions and the social pressure of when & where they should enjoy sweets. That is why we created a campaign for the entire category talking about the freedom to eat chocolate whenever you feel like it.
The creative concept revolved around a catchy campaign line: It’s OK to chocolate - anytime, anywhere! The phrasing was a poetic license, intentionally leaving out the verb. It was meant to showcase multiple chocolate consumption moments, some of them never thought about before (or shown on TV). All in a fun, easy to remember promotion delivered through an integrated communication strategy: TV, in-store, digital, OOH and special activations
PS: it’s OK to chocolate while reading this ;)
2014 // POINT PICKUP - Local Delivery Service for Goods / App & Website
The “Goods Uber” is here. Well, in New York. But created here in Romania! Centrade Integrated and Point Pickup partnered for a Trans-Atlantic project to create a top of the line mobile App that connects people that need stuff delivered with pickup drivers who will do the delivering. Point Pickup makes it easy to arrange, track and pay for deliveries, for both people or businesses. 
Product design, Creative content, Project management, Development (mobile & web), English and Spanish, were all created by Centrade Inegrated for NY, Boston (and soon the entire world)
Raiffeisen Bank is positioned as a "competent advisor" who guides their clients helping them make the best decisions when it comes to their financial challenges. In 2014 Raiffeisen Bank launched its new series of TV commercials, based on a single creative concept named "Backwards". The commercials present customers’ stories told by themselves, reflecting their feelings, thoughts and the natural search for accomplishment. Each story starts with the final moment, when the customer enjoys a happy moment of his day-to-day life and goes back through the narrative until the moment when “it all first started”. 
Rompetrol is one of the biggest oil and gas industry players in Romania. For the company's 40th birthday, we developed an image campaign that consolidated Rompetrol's mission and values under the strategic concept "Getting Further”. The TV commercial presents a journey through the company's most valuable assets - the people that work here. The visual execution is a continuous zoom out that surprises the ambitious Rompetrol team giving their best to customers with the energy to go further.